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PollDaddy is a new free tool to help bloggers and website owners place polls on their websites. We are currently nearing the end of our development stage, and hope to have it in the public domain very soon.

What is different about PollDaddy?

  • All PollDaddy polls will be 100% customizable; users will be able to create their own style sheets to accompany their polls.
  • Our polls will load into your webpage, and once a vote is cast, results will be loaded into the same space where the poll existed, so there will be no annoying redirects or popups.
  • Widgets! Along with our own PollDaddy widget, we will also be teaming up with people like widgetbox.com, to help you get your polls into your site as easily as possible.

For more information relating to Polldaddy, please contact us at info@polldaddy.com.

David Lenehan,
PollDaddy Development Team.

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One comment on “PollDaddy.com Coming Soon…

  1. Hello, well done for your service, it's just great and slick. :-) When did you start developing the tool ? All the best, Laurent.
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