New Feature: Block repeat voters by IP address

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Block RepeatWe are trying out a new feature in PollDaddy at the moment, that allows you to block repeat voters by IP address. Some users have complained that our current system of blocking by cookie, is too weak for some situations, so we have added this extra option on the ‘edit poll’ screen. If you experience any issues with this, please let us know.


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3 comments on “New Feature: Block repeat voters by IP address

  1. Thats helpful, as I had one guy who voted, 'It sucks' like a hundred times.
    Oliver Newport
  2. It's a good feature to have added. The "Block by cookie" feature by itself could easily be sidestepped by simply switching your browser. If someone has six browsers on their desktop, for example, that means they could vote six times. Another feature I would like to see is the option to make results private.
  3. Hi David, it seems that "Block by cookie" option doesn't work on IE 7.0 (but is ok on firefox). Any solution ?
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