Now serving 14,000,000 Polls per month

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I have just been running through some very large log files today on our server and it would appear that we are now serving out around 14 million poll widgets per month. This figure is up from 5 million in February. Of the 14 million, It seems around 35% of them are flash widgets, 62% are javascript widgets and the remaining 3% are served directly from our own site through our directory and “direct link” method.
At this rate of growth by 2027 we will probably consume all available bandwidth on the net. That is of course unless there is a ceiling to how many polls one planet can do. We don’t think there is though…
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2 comments on “Now serving 14,000,000 Polls per month

  1. I would convert ALL of my polls from html gear to your poll service IF you added this feature: I need to be able to set a starting vote count. So if I bring a poll over that I've been running for several months, I want to retain that 78 people said "yes" and 39 people said "no." I don't want to start again from zero. Give me that, and you nearly own me! ;-)
    Vicky Jo
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