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We are running a bit of a survey on the site at the moment to see how you guys are getting on with PollDaddy. It would be great if you have 5 minutes to fill it out. One lucky entrant will be awarded with a very rare PollDaddy t-shirt.

The PollDaddy Team.

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8 comments on “PollDaddy Survey

  1. love the site, keep the girl logo. Great service
    Jim McCoy
  2. great web site, great little service. i'm looking forward to ver 2
    Tim Gillin
  3. you guys could get a great new logo at designoutpost.com seriously check it out.
  4. What you have against the girl logo? :P
    Felipe Correa
  5. I love the girl logo. She adds so much to the design you have to keep her. You should also be able to buy the shirts though.
    Jim McCoy
  6. polldaddy is good but I don't like the girl logo.
    Guess It's Over
  7. I enjoy giving feedback. You should have a monthly survey, it supplies you with a lot of info on what we want from polldaddy.
    Guess It's Over
  8. Damn it, I did the survey and only realised I would have liked a chance to win the T-Shirt AFTER I submitted. Guess there's no way to enter now... bummer.
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