PollDaddy Version 2 on the way (Server downtime 9am to 4pm GMT 18th Nov)…

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The PollDaddy website will be down this coming Sunday (18th Nov) for maintenance between 9am and 4pm GMT. We would ask you to refrain from conducting any big polls during this period. We will also be launching version 2 of the site with some cool new features for you to play with.

Please contact us if you have any queries about this downtime.

This post is over a year old and the content may be outdated.
Please visit our support docs for the most up to the date information.

11 comments on “PollDaddy Version 2 on the way (Server downtime 9am to 4pm GMT 18th Nov)…

  1. Hey lenehan if there is anyway the poll can be a 7 x 6 format that would be great! Thanks
  2. More poll stuff? Awesome. Keep the art on the left of the site!
  3. I have a 120 bands from 7-7-7 in my spreadsheet. will the new version allow importing a list..? Vote for the “Earth Sheriff” 2008 Game Show Host Election Winner! (120 Live Earth Bands, Stephen T. Colbert, Kid Rock or other USO bands)
    Jaclynn Morgan
  4. We are still hammering out the final details. Check back Sunday and all will be revealed.
  5. thx
  6. can you tell us some new features?
  7. Hi Folks, All of your data will be safe and available on our new system. Check the new site out on Monday to see what we are adding. David, PollDaddy Support.
  8. Thats a good thing... Is the Change list available ? Will I lose the result of the actual polls ? Will anyone reply ?
    Kabamaru Igano
  9. can you tell more details of new features?
  10. Oi, A great one I hug the vocês that construiram the site. I write of Brazil and use the service, is the best one that it exists. Congratulations. Everything of good.
    Presbítero Cruz
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