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wordpress-logoWe have struggled to keep up with different compatibility issues with our polls and various version of WordPress over the past year, but we now have a method that should cover all versions of WordPress.
First of all, if your blog is hosted on then you do not need to install the plugin below. When you create a poll on, you can choose our new shortcode to insert into your blog post. If you are hosting your own version of WordPress then you need to install one of the plugins below.
For versions of WordPress older than 2.5, you can download the following file and upload it to your plugins directory. (V1.0 plugin)
For versions of WordPress 2.5 and newer, you can download the following file and upload it to your plugins directory. (V2.5 plugin)
When you create a PollDaddy poll you will see an option for WordPress on the ‘HTML Code’ page. From there you have access to a relevant short code for that poll which you can paste into your blog post.
If you have any issues using either of these plugins please get in touch.

This post is over a year old and the content may be outdated.
Please visit our support docs for the most up to the date information.

5 comments on “New WordPress Support for PollDaddy polls

  1. You can access our new plugin here:
  2. Those version of the plugin don't exist anymore. Seems like the only PollDaddy plugin in v. 1.7.5. And it doesn't work. Not for me anyway. I'm using WordPress MU. Maybe that's why. My shortcode has no effect whatsoever. I just get a blank page.
    David Lewis
  3. Thanks for the plugin -- it's just what we need. But I have a question and can't find the answer on the website: Do the surveys allow us to compile a database on the people who take them? We want to develop a mailing list.
    LaVonne Ellis
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