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Print SurveyYou can print a paper version of your PollDaddy survey so that your respondents can fill it out manually. To do so, go to the “List Surveys” page in your account. Select “Options” to the right of the survey you would like to print, and then choose “Print Survey”.

Your printable version of the survey will appear in a new window. Just click on file > print in your browser.

All of the styles have been purposely removed from the survey in order to make it clear for a respondent who has to fill it out by pen.

Once your respondent has filled out the survey, you can enter the responses into your PollDaddy account by going to the “List Surveys” page. Click on “Options” to the right of your survey, and choose “Enter A Response.”

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One comment on “New Feature: Print Survey

  1. Great feature. We asked for it last week and you have it built already. You guys rock!
    Robert Johnstone
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