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If you have a WordPress blog and are using PollDaddy, did you know that you can now create polls directly in your WordPress dashboard? This saves you having to login to each time you need to create a poll or check on your results.

If you have a hosted blog on then just look on the left hand menu for the ‘Polls’ option. You can even hook up your existing PollDaddy account to your blog so that all of your current polls and their results will be available in your dashboard.

If you have a self hosted WordPress blog then you can download and install the PollDaddy WordPress plugin to get the same great features. Check out the video below from to see how well the plugin works. You can view a larger verison of the video here.

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7 comments on “Using PollDaddy with WordPress

  1. Yes, there is no cost to activating Polldaddy from within the dashboard.
  2. I've a blog wordpress, and I activated polldaddy from the dashboard. I would like to know if it's free.
  3. Hi! Actually what you're calling a poll with multiple questions, which is what we call a survey! We think Polldaddy does surveys very nicely, in fact.
  4. Can I create a single Poll to include several individual questions? or must I create several individual polls with different questions in each poll? If I can create one single Poll (preferred) with about 5 different questions, how do I accomplish that? Thank you!
    It's still All About Travel
  5. Very usefull Info Thank You for sharing
    Anjanette Kruebbe
  6. I signed up on Polldaddy today, and got my confirmation by email. Account is there, profile set up, etc. When I try to make a poll on my blog, it says I need to import my Polldaddy account. Fine. But when I put in my email address (the one I registered at Polldaddy) and PW, it says "User Not Found, 560 Account could not be imported. Are your email address and password correct?" WTF? Yes they are correct! Why can't I import the account?
    Ed Hawco
  7. I deleted a poll but it still shows up on my WordPress Page. How do I get to it at PollDaddy to delete it?
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