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copypollOk, so this one took a little long than it should have but now its here! You can now copy an existing poll in your PollDaddy account…

1. Go to the ‘List Polls’ page in your PollDaddy account.

2. Click on ‘Options’ to the right of the poll you want to copy.

3. Choose ‘Copy Poll’.

This will then bring you to the poll editor window of the new copied poll. The question, answers and all of the setting of the copied poll will be transferred. The vote totals will not be copied, you will be starting with a clean poll.

Here is one I copied earlier!

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4 comments on “New feature: Copy Poll

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  2. @ZyberDon I'm afraid you need to pick either flash or Javascript. What site are you trying to place a poll on? @Steve B Sure, under the answers on the edit poll feature you can choose 'Multiple Choice'
  3. Cool feature! Will make it easier to reuse polls that need minor revision. Can we make polls that allow multiple selections? I don't see how to do that. I know you can do it in a survey, but I believe the survey respondent can't see the results like a poll. I'd like them to be able to see the results immediately after completion.
    Steve B
  4. All these stuffs are neat, but is there a way we can install in basic html because the site here I really intend to place it to- js & flash code are not allowed. ZyberDon
    June A. Yasol
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