Minor bug fixes: IE8 polls and Survey Export

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Just a quick note on a couple of fixes that we deployed today. For some users the CSV export for surveys was very slow, especially when there were a lot of responses in the survey. This should now be running super fast. Also a number of users complained that some polls were not working correctly in IE8. We have fixed this issue now and will be applying it to all polls throughout the day. It only affected older polls on the system so if it is happening to any of your polls you can easily fix it but editing and re-saving the poll.

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4 comments on “Minor bug fixes: IE8 polls and Survey Export

  1. @beer Have you emailed support about this? Sounds like people may have been blocked. What happened when the people that complained voted?
  2. Thank you for taking care of issues like this. Nothing more frustrating than browser incompatability.
  3. the poll is at: http://www.dpk.co.za/mk-4de-avontoer/
    Beer Adriaanse
  4. I recently complained about our poll having 6 times more traffic than the amount of votes registered on the Poll Daddy-poll. Since then I have personally tested the poll from different computers, and there is definitely a bug somewhere. Only about a quarter of my votes were counted and I have received more than 30 complaints from people using the poll. To give you an idea, since adding the poll we have had 5285 new views on the page that exclusively hosts the poll, but the poll only registered 629 votes. This is a serious problem for us and I would appreciate any help I can get. Please let me know. Regards
    Beer Adriaanse
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