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respondent tagsThe new custom tags feature will allow you append as many tags to the survey url as you like. This means you can add an identifier, perhaps unique to you, like an email address, customer id, department etc. Then when the survey is filled out, the identifier will be associated with this response and will be visible in the survey reports.

For instance take a look at a standard survey URL below…

If I had a survey recipient that I wanted to identify or tag with the following…
name – John Smith
customerID- 22343

Your new survey link going out to that person would look like…

The extra tags at the end of the link will then be saved along with that response. You can use this feature to track as much data as you want. For more information check out our help section.

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4 comments on “New feature: Respondent Tags

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  2. CORRECTION Is there anyway to restrict a poll so that people have to use it in one location? i.e. they CANT use links or widgets to vote for the same poll elsewhere? Just curious, seems like a big loophole if not..
    Onuora Amobi
  3. awesome feature. a simple improvement but is a major one. great to see.
    Paul Neto
  4. The URL does not seem to match the sample data.
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