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We have been playing around with a new rating widget for the past few weeks here at PollDaddy HQ and we reckon its time to give it a public showing. Before I continue, this is very much a beta feature and there will be the inevitable few bugs cropping up so its not just ready for prime time yet. When you log into your PollDaddy account you should see a new option in the account menu for ‘Ratings’.  Here you can create a couple of different types of rating widgets as shown below…

You can create a star rating…

and you can also create a nero style rating…

As with all of our widgets, the ratings will be fully customizable to suit your needs. You can find a full low down on how all of this is going to work over on…

We really need your help in making this a useful tool so please send any comments, suggestions or bugs to our support folks.


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28 comments on “Try out our new rating widget!

  1. Hi, we have a blogger rating gadget that allows you to use the same rating across your blogger blog. More here -
  2. i want to use it on my blogger Blog ... so how can i use so that It is different for Every Post
  3. Hi Garlenlo, thanks for your suggestion! We don't have any current plans to add new ratings features to Polldaddy.
  4. Hello Linda, Star ratings allow one vote per computer.
  5. How many times does the star rating system let the same computer (person) vote??? In other words can the same computer keep voting?
  6. hi, i will try this widgets to my site.. thanks :)
  7. Can you contact support with specific details of your problem? Thanks
  8. Hi i want that polldaddy wil sort my ratings on the front page... How do i do that?
  9. Thank you for the reply Eoin. I believe I may have fixed it while fixing something else. My stats plugin wasn't working either. Turned out to be missing a call to wp_footer. After I added this in the Footer file, the ratings showed up.
  10. Hi, some themes are not display the ratings, because they are using an alternative way of displaying the posts to the standard themes. If you get in touch with support with this problem and we will be do our best to help you out.
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