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poll-graphic-smlWe have added some cool new features to how our polls are currently built on PollDaddy.com. There are 6 new poll styles and we have  made it a lot easier for designers to create more advanced custom styles.

With this new platform we will now be adding new styles on a more regular basis. All of this new content is available across PollDaddy.com, PollDaddy Jr., and our WordPress Plugin. For more information check out the list below.

  • Vote Feedback
    Previously when someone voted on your poll there was a slight delay before the results came back. When someone votes now a loading wheel will replace the button to show that something is happening. This is controlled by the new CSS class “pds-vote-button-load”. This class will be applied to the vote button once it is pressed.
  • 6 New Basic Styles
    There are now 6 new poll styles to choose from. There are 2 new basic styles: black and white. Paper, Aluminum and dark and light skull style.
  • Adjustable Widths
    All basic polls styles are now available in wide (630px), medium (300px) and narrow (150px) widths so that the polls will fit in better with your blog posts, sidebars and profiles.
  • New CSS classes for better layout
    We have added new CSS classes and some new span tags around a lot of the key elements on both the poll and results view. It is much easier now to accurately place answers beside radio buttons and adjust the result bars to different styles. A good example of the new style layouts can be found in the results text for each answer. Now the answer, percentage and number of votes can be divided out into separate elements and styled individually.
  • Links images hide links etc.
    All links in the polls (view results, return to poll, and comments ) all have individual CSS class names attached meaning that they can be hidden or replaced with images.
  • Available on…
    All of these new features are available on PollDaddy.com, PollDaddy Jr., and our WordPress plugin today.

If you need help with any of these new features, please feel free to get in touch.

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  2. You can create a custom style without any knowledge of CSS. You can preload one or the standard templates and modify the width pretty easily or create a style from scratch. You can email support if you need any help - http://polldaddy.com/feedback/
  3. Now that you are an official Ning app, would you please consider adding a basic style option that is "Ning-friendly?" That is, in the widths that will fit the Ning layouts? The current basic widths don't fit and you have to really know what you're doing to go into the CSS style sheets to make the required changes.
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