New poll style editor – Start creating beautiful styles with ease!

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We have updated the visual style editor on PollDaddy to incorporate some of the features of our new style layouts. The visual style editor lets your create your own custom poll styles without needing to know any CSS. You can find this feature by clicking on the ‘polls’ drop-down menu at the top of your account and choosing ‘Custom Poll Styles’.


We have added the following new features…

Pre-load Existing Styles
When creating a new custom style, you can pre-load some of our existing styles. Aluminum, Plain white, Plain Black, Paper, Skull Light and Skull Dark can be pre-loaded into the editor for you to manipulate and save as your own.

Better Control Over Layout
New styles such as ‘answer group’ and ‘answer check’ give you much more control over positioning of answers, radio buttons and check boxes. Text can now also be aligned left, center or right.

Vote Button
Previously the editor always outputted the same grey vote button. Now you have full control over the appearance of the vote button. They even have a loading effect when you press them. The new buttons are fully compatible with the custom language pack.

Rounded Corners
Under the border control for most elements there is now a  border-radius option to give a rounded corner effect. This effect does not work with Internet Explorer, you can set it for users of Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera etc.

All links in the poll such as ‘view results’, ‘return to poll’ and ‘view comments’ can be styled.

Result Bar
The result bars have a new height property to give more control over their appearance and any background image you might set for them.

All of these new features are also available on PollDaddy Jr. If you have any questions or would like to make a suggestion relating to this please let us know.

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  4. I want to commend you guys for all the wonderful work regarding PollDaddy features. It's amazing and keep up with the good work.
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