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If you need to put a poll on your site but you are limited for space then you can check out our new micro style. It’s a super small poll and its available on, our WordPress Plugin and PollDaddy Jr. today. You can also load it into our new visual poll style editor to customize for yourself.

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3 comments on “New Micro poll style

  1. I am planning to insert a plug-in to my site that uses poll for voting. However i don't know how to find a plugin that use poll votes. So thank for sharing your info about the plug-ins it really helps me a lot.
    Marlon Francis
  2. there should be a Width property that we can set
    Mohammad Elsheimy
  3. [...] filters, new poll styles, survey restrictions, poll sharing, HTML support, email groups,  and lots and lots of other small features. We have also added PollDaddy integration to Weebly, Freewebs, [...]
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