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blog-sharingWe have partnered with a company called AddToAny.com to add a cool sharing option to your polls. When you create a poll on PollDaddy.com now there is an option to enable sharing. (To see how this works hover over the “Share This” link in the poll below.) This is going to be available as a trial for a few weeks to see if users find it useful.

With AddToAny enabled in your poll, your voters will be able to share a link to the page on your site across WordPress, Digg, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, email and much more. This will help spread the word that you have a super cool poll going down and you need more votes! So what do you think? Is it a good addition?

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4 comments on “Testing a new sharing feature for polls

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  2. wonderfull..
  3. GREAT IDEA! This will help me a lot with getting survey results quickly!
    Ed Tankus
  4. Perfect!
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