New Feature: Polls now accept HTML tags!

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Our polls will now accept and render a limited set of HTML tags in the poll question and answer text fields.

This means you will be able to format the text directly, add an image and/or add a link into the text fields. This feature allows you another method to further customize your poll. This has been a frequently requested feature that we have been a little slow to add due to some security concerns.

We have white-listed a limited set of HTML tags that are safe to use. Check out the support article to see the full list of tags available.

If you have some suggestions on more HTML tags that we could add, leave feedback here and we’ll check them out.

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3 comments on “New Feature: Polls now accept HTML tags!

  1. sooooooooooooooo cooooooooooooool
    Mohammad Elsheimy
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  3. Can we use the html tags in the survey also?
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