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We’ve added a great new option to the poll editor which will allow you to limit the number of choices a user can select in a multiple choice poll. This means you can create ‘pick your top five favourites out of ten’ style polls. This also applies to ‘other’ text answers too.

The option is available in the poll editor once you select the multiple choice option:

Choices are great

Try it out…

Got any other features you’d like us to add? Let us know from the feedback page !

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5 comments on “New Poll Option – Limit the number of answers

  1. @Chris, we are planning on adding this to the surveys very soon.
  2. I love this feature. Can you add this to a multiple choice Survey also?
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  4. That is a good suggestion. I will see if I can add this as an option.
  5. it is indeed a great feature. I used it in my latest poll where i wanted people to vote for the nicest picture. I thought it would minimize the amount of people voting only for their friend. However, since it is still possible to vote only for one, this feature in my opinion still needs one improvement: limit the number of choices and make it a MUST to vote for that number.
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