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We’ve made a few changes to adding polls to Facebook pages since this article was published. Check out this newer article: Getting polls on Facebook: the definitive guide.

This post is over a year old and the content may be outdated.
Please visit our support docs for the most up to the date information.

23 comments on “Add polls to your Facebook Pages

  1. Multiple answers are not allowed!
    Mohammad Elsheimy
  2. thx, this poll worked for my fan page...
  3. Can you contact Polldaddy support with details of your problem? Thanks
  4. I have logged in through facebook into my polldaddy account. However, none of my previously created polls are showing up.
  5. Thanks for the new feature
  6. There is something wrong..I don't get it when I need to enter some answers to my Poll all I can control about the Nos. of the answers that will appear but I can't type any thing,,pls. help ??
  7. We should have the Facebook Pages issue fixed in our update of the app tomorrow (Tue/ 5th of Jan 10.)
  8. I've succesfully created a poll and posted it to my personal wall. a) nothing shows up on the Polls tabs on my personal profile or Facebook Page. shouldn't i be able to see the app within the Poll tab? all i get is the Facebook rectangles as if its trying to load, but the app never shows up within the tab. b) i'm unable to post a poll on a Facebook Page. i've selected the particular page from the drop down menu within the "creat a poll" page but still nothing shows on my Facebook Fan page. What am I doing wrong?
  9. The only downside is that the poll is published by the Author and not the Page. I really don't want my name published on the poll. - Any way to change this in its current form?
  10. @Clean Cut Media Hi, When you create a poll you can go to the sharing page and you have the option to post it to our wall. It will appear on your wall as a text based poll. We cant do much here as Facebook only allows apps to put text on the wall. We will have one click voting and once click results very soon. Do you not think our app looks nice?
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