Update: WordPress.org plugin now includes ratings

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We have finally added the ratings feature to the WordPress.org plugin (version 1.7.6).

This has been available on WordPress.com for a while and it has been well requested for the .org platform since. You will now be able to add a rating widget to all your posts, pages and comments.

When you update or install the PollDaddy plugin, you will now be presented with a new ‘Ratings’ menu, above the ‘Polls’ menu.


You can see a full explanation on how it all works over on the WordPress.com support site.


Also, check out this video for a demo of how to use this new feature.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below or contact us here.

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19 comments on “Update: WordPress.org plugin now includes ratings

  1. So I can use this in my wordpress blog cause I am having a hard time thinking of how to check on my ratings.
    Jimmy Advincula
  2. Thank you! It will be nice to include ratings to the side (not up and down)
  3. Great ;)
  4. Hi, this is not possible as of yet.
  5. Hi, you can use just the shortcode for specific posts. If you have an account on PollDaddy, you can retrieve the shortcode from the embed options and paste it into your post.
  6. Hi, we have the Top Rated widget that was included in the latest plugin release.
  7. Hi, if you are having any trouble, please contact support and we will help you out as best we can.
  8. Hi, yes we have plans to add this in the next update. With a custom template tag, you will be able to place the rating wherever you like within your theme.
  9. [...] plugin will now be able to add PollDaddy’s rating feature. This feature allows users to place ratings on their blog posts, pages and comments, like [...]
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  10. it is possible to rate Posts only from one Category? maybe I can change something directly in code. Best regards Oxana
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