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Today we are launching a new version of Version 3.0! This version is more about usability and looks than new features. Over the past year or two we have added so many new features to Polldaddy, that at times we did not always find a good place to put them. So for this version we decided to focus on fixing the layout of the application. We were very lucky to have Kevin Conboy join our team a couple of months ago as our new full time designer. Kevin brings a ton of experience to the team and over the next few months will be fixing, repainting and decorating all of the far flung places that Polldaddy reaches.

Pretty much everything is in the same place as before, but it should be much easier to navigate around the site. We have paid special attention to certain sections like the survey editor by making it much easier to use as well as addressing various issues with browser support.

We have added some small bug fixes and features to this version including likert scale questions for surveys, Polldaddy Answers has now been fully integrated into, and we are also working on localizing all of Polldaddy into different languages.

If you have any issues with the new site please let us know and we will get it fixed straight away. We will be rolling out other changes over the next few weeks including some exciting new account types.

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40 comments on “Announcing Polldaddy Version 3

  1. Thanks! I'll pass these comments on to our designer.
  2. I appreciate the new design, and many aspects of the site are now easier to navigate. However (you knew this was coming)… there are a few quirks that you might want to consider addressing: Polls 1 – Some of the Modal Popups do not have a ‘close’ or ‘done’ button (poll preview, pro account invite, etc.). Clicking outside of the popup dismisses the window, but this is not an intuitive action for many visitors. 2 – When viewing polls, the ‘Embed/Link’ and ‘Comments’ buttons should be at the top alongside the ‘Edit Poll’, ‘Preview’, and ‘Reports’ options. 3 - The icon used for the Embed/Link button (a wrench) should not be identical to the icon used for the ‘Edit Poll’ button. The icon is also not intuitively appropriate for that function. 4 – The icon used for the ‘Close’ button is also not appropriate, as it currently displays the symbol widely recognized for refreshing/reloading a browser page. General 1 – When viewing the Polldaddy Blog, clicking the Polldaddy icon/branding in the upper-left does not return you to the Polldaddy home page. I have more, but I’ll stop now before you block me from the site in retribution. Thanks, and I do love your service.
  3. Yes it should.
  4. Have just had a look at PollDaddy today based on a recommendation by someone else. The only times I've seen the previous versions of the homepage are by looking at those images posted up in the blog post. I must say... the homepage is great. Haven't had a chance to create any polls or surveys yet, so I can't comment on that.
  5. Will PollDaddy work on a Wordpress-MU site?
    Kirk Ward
  6. I use this website with my fourth graders. It is a great way to make math concepts like data and statistics applicable to their real world experiences.
    Erin Smith
  7. Nice work guys keep it up
  8. Great to see continuous improvement to the site. So far I am enjoying the interface. Thank you
  9. No, but we have this planned for the future.
  10. Also - the 'Sign In' link from the Blog doesn't work.
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