New Posterous Support for Polls

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You can now easily add polls to your Posterous blog posts using our new Polldaddy-Posterous integration. Look out for the new Posterous option when embedding a poll. Just grab the link from the embed dialog and paste it into your post. It will then auto-magically turn into a poll! If there are any other services you would like us to integrate with then just shout!

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2 comments on “New Posterous Support for Polls

  1. Thanks for integrating support for Posterous. It's really nice tool, which I just used, and it works great. The first time I tried a few weeks ago, all I could use was their Flash version, which for some reason appeared way down the page, lost in white space. After contacting both you and Posterous about it, I'm pleased to see you all worked it out.
    Scott Hunter
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