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Kevin Conboy

We are pleased to announce that Polldaddy for iPad is now available on the App Store! We really focused on some key features for this release, but expect many more soon.

The main function of this release is the ability to download any of your Polldaddy surveys onto your iPad, and take it out into the world to collect offline responses in any location you want, and then re-sync those responses back to for analysis and inclusion with the results you’ve collected online.

We’re really excited about the potential for this new platform and what it means for our users to take their surveys out into the world to gather a wider range of responses.

Interested? Learn more about the potential uses for this app on our dedicated iPad page.

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11 comments on “Announcing Polldaddy for iPad

  1. Hi Henrik, Our app supports both iPad 1 and iPad 2. In fact, version 1.5 of the app was released today. You can download it on to your iPad from the iTunes store.
  2. Is there any new version of pollydaddy available for ipad 2 ..?
    henrik ipad
  3. The data is stored locally on the iPad - you can do anything you want and upload the data to Polldaddy when you do have a connection.
  4. After completing some surveys without a data connection, can you exit the app, do something else on the ipad, then re-open the app with the surveys still stored locally? Or do you need a data connection every time you open (and close) the app to load the survey from (and upload surveys to) polldaddy.
  5. Media is not currently available on the iPad surveys.
  6. Hi, We are looking to use this tool for our research, but we would like to add media that is visible offline, like pictures... how do we go about this?
  7. This is pretty cool, my boss just got an iPad and so he should get some use out of this new app!
    Adam Fischer
  8. [...] XML which works fine for internal use. However our recent development with other platforms like the iPad has highlighted the simplicity of JSON over XML. We found JSON to be comparably lightweight and [...]
    Polldaddy API now supports JSON | Polldaddy Blog
  9. I think they should have Polldaddy for BlackBerry, or at least a mobile version of their website!
  10. Very nice. The offline responses is a great idea.
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