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Today we are announcing our new affiliate program for Now you can earn up to $100 for each new paying customer you refer to us.

How It Works
First up you need to apply for our affiliate program and help us understand how you plan to refer users to use.

Once you get accepted on to the program we will give you access to our affiliate dashboard. There you can access logos, banners and marketing information to use on your site, in your newsletters and on any other channels you feel are appropriate.

When you refer a user who signs up for a paid account (anywhere up to 30 days after the first referral) you will earn $50 for a Pro user and $100 for a corporate user.

Sign up today to get started. If you have any questions about this program please let us know.

Sign up for the Polldaddy Affiliate Program

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8 comments on “Make money with the Polldaddy affilate program

  1. I will definitely sign up for this
  2. I love your polls and thanks for sendig me the news
  3. The only feature that appears related to salesforce is the 'powerful synchronization'. I don't know what this involves but we don't have any synchronization with salesforce.
  4. Hi John! Thank you very much for your response. We want to stop using and replace it by Some info about the integration: • Build simple or complex forms including multiple pages, conditions and branching. • Match your corporate branding to re-enforce customer experience. • Any salesforce user can deploy surveys using Salesforce custom reports • Powerful synchronization in to Salesforce. • Advanced analytics available in Clicktools to gain valuable insight. • Reduce administration costs involved in entry and de-duplication of data. • Increase one customer view, providing an immediate view of customer interaction and feedback across the organization. • Improve customer experience by linking performance and service levels to customer feedback.
    control stock
  5. It depends what you mean by integrate?
  6. Can Polldaddy integrate with
    control stock
  7. Since I love your Polls, I'll try to sign up - way to go! Thanks :D
    NicoleB, Kuwait
  8. Hi I would love to be apart of the affiliate program... As I am just starting to get into polls... thank you Kaye
    Kaye Flack
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