Polldaddy API now supports JSON

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We have added JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) support to the API.

The API was originally setup to use only XML which works fine for internal use. However our recent development with other platforms like the iPad has highlighted the simplicity of JSON over XML. We found JSON to be comparably more lightweight and easier to use in general.

So why bother adding JSON support?

Well it makes it a little easier to use the Polldaddy API, not only for you guys out there but for us too. With JSON support, we can use the API with JavaScript more easily, which will allow us to provide a richer user experience.

Head over to JSON.org for details on all you need to know about JSON. You can find an good article there describing JSON’s advantages over XML, JSON: The Fat-Free Alternative to XML.

To find out more information about the Polldaddy API, check out the support page.

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2 comments on “Polldaddy API now supports JSON

  1. Hi Jeff, No, we don't support JSONP.
  2. Do you support JSONP?
    Jeff Sturgis
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