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If you’re embedding a survey on your website then you may already have information about your viewer, such as their name and email address. Rather than ask for this again you can now seed a survey with data so that fields are pre-filled.

Seeding a survey is very simple – just pass the data along as URL parameters:

You can also seed a survey with the JavaScript embeds:

<script type="text/javascript">
  polldaddy.add( {
    type: 'slider',
    title: 'Take Our Survey!',
    body: 'Please help us find out what you think by taking our survey at',
    button: 'Get Started &raquo;',
    pid: 'D1C633832CB816C1',
    seed: {
      q_1_email: '',
      q_2_url: ''
} );

Want to hide the data being passed? Base64 encode it!

Seeding a survey allows you to reduce the amount of information people need to enter, which in turn will increase the likelihood that someone will complete your survey. When used in conjunction with custom survey tags it is a powerful way for you to get data in and out of a survey.

You can find full documentation about this (and the URL parameters) on the survey seeding support page, as well as details about custom survey tags.

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One comment on “Seeding Survey Data

  1. Great and long-awaited feature! Please add this seeding-possiblity to your embed/link-options, so that I can publish a corresponding link (e.g. ?seed=1) to my co-workers, and they can seed the survey before they send the (encoded) link to the customer.
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