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You may have noticed a little blue info icon next to your ratings.

Blue info icon

This icon when clicked will display a results popup. The results popup shows the top rated content, created today, this week, this month and all time, for this rating widget.

Popup example

This simply offers another dimension to the rating widget as it shows what is popular on your site based on the ratings it receives.

You can disable the rating results popup in the ratings editor. When this option is disabled, free users will still see the blue info icon but only a small popup will appear when clicked with a link back to the Polldaddy mothership.

link home

For Pro users the blue info icon will be completely hidden.

All the text in the results popup can be customized, so you can localize the popup to match the language you use on your site.

Customize Text

Help on working with this feature can be found on our support site and on the WordPress support site.

If you have any feedback on how we can improve this feature or indeed anything else, please get in touch.

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2 comments on “Ratings now give you results

  1. This is a nice feature. Now thinking if I should switch back from Outbrain.
  2. Actually, I did notice that, and even commented about it on my own blog. It was a very pleasant surprise. Thanks! :)
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