New Product: Polldaddy Quizzes!

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Hooray! You can now create a quiz on Polldaddy. When you log into your account from today you will see a new option in the main menu for quizzes.

Quizzes are especially useful for teachers, trainers, team leaders and marketers, to help test their audience on courses they are working on or refresh their memory on information they are supposed to know.

Polldaddy Quizzes work much the same way that surveys do except that the multiple choice question for quizzes has an option to choose a correct answer. You can set a pass score and whether the participant can see their result at the end of the quiz. Again, the reports are very similar to our survey reports with the exception of telling you which answers the participant got right and which ones they got wrong.

Quizzes will share your monthly responses, so for instance, Pro accounts will be able to collect 1,000 survey or quiz responses per month. The 1,000 monthly allotment will be shared between them.

For a demo…

We will be building this product out over the coming months so let us know what you want to see in it.

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29 comments on “New Product: Polldaddy Quizzes!

  1. The most up-to-date version of quizzes are within the application, which you can access by logging into
  2. Is there a more updated demo of how the PollDaddy quiz works? I'd like to see the checkmark on the correct answer more prominently displayed, too.
    Rosemary Peppercorn
  3. Thanks for your suggestion, Dan!
  4. Michel, Thank you so much for taking the time to make a feature request!
  5. When you add features to the Quiz, please add a feature where an option in any given question could be Not Applicable (NA) and if it is selected, it won't count in the scoring.
  6. We'll be introducing more advanced scoring methods like this in the future
  7. I'd like to be able to present the score in a category. For example, in your quiz if someone answered 4-5 of the questions correctly they would be put in the expert category with a message like "Are you sure you aren't a Poll Daddy employee?" If they didn't get any correct it might say, "Have you even looked at the Poll Daddy site?"
    Sharron Clemons
  8. It should be, yes. If you have an example of it not working then please do send us a bug report to with details of the quiz and we'll look into it.
  9. No misunderstanding. When I opened the demo link before on an iPhone it didn't let me complete the quiz from Mobile Safari. I think PollDaddy is doing some really interesting things right now. Just wanting to make sure iOS functionality on surveys and quizzes will be available through the browser (from blog links) as well as through the app.
  10. There's a slight misunderstanding over the purpose of the iOS app. You can still participate in surveys and quizzes from a mobile device over the internet as normal. The iOS app is for users who want to take their surveys and quizzes directly to participants, probably offline, and get feedback in person. You wouldn't link from your blog into a native app, you would link to the online version.
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