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We’re pleased to announce that version 1.2 of our iOS app is available now in the App Store. This release brings with it several great new features, as well as the usual assortment of bug fixes and tweaks.

Branching Ahead

The main feature is that branching rules now work. Any rule you add through the survey editor will now work the same, whether on the web or on the iOS app. You can use this to include conditional logic in your survey and jump, skip, or finish a survey, based upon the responses given. With the immediate nature of the iPad and iPhone this will make for very powerful and targeted surveys.

If you haven’t yet used branching our survey editor makes it easy to create flexible conditional rules:


Earlier this month we introduced a new Quiz feature and we’ve brought this into the iOS app, where quizzes can now be downloaded for offline use. All of the quiz scoring features are available, and participants will get feedback on their progress at the end of the quiz. From our own experience this can be a lot of fun, and is a good way to incentivise participation.


The other important feature is that HTML is now supported in start and finish messages, question notes, and HTML snippet questions. You can even include images, but note that you will need an internet connection to view these. We’re working on making this much better, and with more media support.

All of these features are available now for both the iPhone and iPad. Let us know if you have any suggestions!

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9 comments on “Polldaddy for iOS 1.2

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  2. Language packs are not currently supported on iOS. If your matrix scrolls and you don't want this to happen then I would suggest trying to rephrase the question and splitting it up - there are no other alternative layouts at the moment. I'm not sure what you mean about the bar with a save button. If you can take a screenshot and send it in to support then we'll look into it
  3. Thank you for this wonderfull app. I do have some questions/suggestions. I've used the language option to translate it to my native language (dutch). It seems it wont show the sentences in dutch on the ipad. I hope this will change in the future. Second we are using matrix structure for some questions. I've noticed this doesn't fit on the ipad, so there is an scroll bar. Would it be possible to use another layout on the ipad. Most people filling out our survey are new to the ipad and don't know scrolling to right is possible. Third i also like an go back button on the ipad app, so people can go back to the previous question. Also there is an bug if you have an text option, the bar with save button stay hoovering on the botton, until you go to the next question. Thanks again. Kind regards Rick
  4. Can you contact support about this?
  5. Branching doesn't seem to work on my iPad, on my computer, it does work...
  6. I hope having images offline would be the next awesome update!
  7. Great, we are very happy to see the new functionallity. Also the Speed of developing the iOS Version is very satisfying.
    Alexander Schaaf
  8. This is likely a problem with your connection to the App store - Polldaddy does not host the app.
  9. I was not able to download iPad from iTunes. Process started and then quit. Please advise.
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