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The very first new feature of the year comes to you in the shape of PDF exports. That’s right, you can finally get a PDF version of any survey, quiz, or poll report! Many people have asked for this and we hope it proves a useful feature.

To generate a PDF, click on the export button at the top of any report page:

From the drop-down, then select PDF:

Your PDF will start downloading. If you have a large number of responses the generation of the PDF will happen in the background, and you will be notified by email when it is complete.

Note that PDF exports are available to paid account holders only.

As with anything on Polldaddy, if you have any problems with our service, or have suggestions on how to improve it, please do contact us through our feedback form.

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3 comments on “Export to PDF

  1. [...] added an export to PDF feature earlier on this year and it has since become a very popular way of distributing reports. [...]
    Print your survey as a PDF | Polldaddy Blog
  2. If the comments are shown in a Polldaddy report then they will be included in the PDF also
  3. Hi, This is really great. Is there any way to create a PDF export of all comments on a particular page or topic?
    Barbara Sherry Rose, PhD
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