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What is a widget?

A widget can help you save time when placing new polls on your website. In your Polldaddy account, you can create a widget and assign a poll to it. Once you insert your widget code into the HTML of your web page, you can change the poll assigned to your widget with the click of a button.

If you conduct polls on your website from time to time, creating a widget saves time, as you only have to copy and paste the JavaScript code for your widget into your website once.

How do I create a widget?

To create a poll widget, login to your dashboard.

Click on the “Widgets” button in the top, right-hand corner of your dashboard:

Click on the “Add New Widget” button to create your new widget:

Next, give your widget a name. You can also select a poll to associate with this widget:

When you’re finished, click “Save My Changes”:

Now, copy and paste the JavaScript provided into your website. When you’ve copied and pasted the code, click on “Done Embedding”:

Once you’ve pasted the code into your website, the poll you chose will appear in that place on your website.

What if I want to change the poll in my widget?

It’s easy to assign a new poll to your widget, to show a new poll on your webpage. No need to re-embed code! Go to “Polls” in your dashboard. Click on “Widgets”:

Click on “Edit”:

Select a new poll to assign to your widget from the dropdown menu. Be sure to click on “Save My Changes”:

That’s all there is to it! Note that it may take ten minutes for your new poll to appear on your website:

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  1. Hey @SpoilerTV Admin, Thanks for the suggestion!
  2. Could I suggest a feature for the future. How about assigning multiple polls to a widget and have the rotate through/randomize them?
    SpoilerTV Admin
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