Whither Language Packs

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Kevin Conboy

Here at Polldaddy, we have some advanced features that we just aren’t sure are named correctly. One of these is Language Packs, a feature that allows you to customize the words and messages that Polldaddy provides next to and around your questions and answers to help your users move along. For instance, you can change the default text on the button that says “Finish Survey” to something like “Yay, you’re done now!”

We think this is a very useful tool for people because not only does it allow you to completely change the phrasing Polldaddy uses to present surveys and polls to your users, you can even use it to translate the interface your users see into a language we don’t yet support, like Japanese, Tagalog, or Icelandic (or any other, really).

So do you think this feature is named appropriately? If not, do any of the options below jump out at you as better than the others? Have any other suggestions? Take the poll below and let us know!

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