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We’re once again pleased to announce that version 1.3.1 of our iOS app is now available in the App Store. As with other releases, this is a mixture of new features and bug fixes. You can update directly from your iOS device, or install it from the App Store.

Sign your name

In November we added a file upload question type. This is now supported in the iOS app and you can turn your iPad or iPhone into a drawing canvas, allowing participants to sign their name, or generally doodle.

We’ve got big plans for this, so keep an eye out for future releases (hint: it may involve a camera).

Kiosk mode

A lot of users have written in to say that they’d like to use the Polldaddy app in a ‘kiosk’ mode – a locked down iPad that prevents participants from leaving a chosen survey. Although we can’t prevent people pressing the ‘home’ button, there is now an option to disable the exit survey button. Once enabled, you will be able to start a survey and the only way to then exit is to close the app.

Other new features

  • New sync display – shows more information
  • Delete response – now you can delete responses from the ‘review response’ page
  • Support for quiz fail messages

Bug Fixes

  • Incorrect handling of rules when survey contained page headings.
  • Rule to finish a survey now restarts the survey and doesn’t exit to the list of surveys
  • Clipping of ‘other’ in a multi-choice question
  • Start/finish times now represent when the response was taken, not when it was synced
  • Display bug with large matrix questions
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