Using Dropdown Lists in Surveys

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Krista Stevens

Be default, Multiple Choice questions in surveys offer a radio button that participants can use to make a selection. Instead of a radio button, you can choose to set up the question so that the answer options appear as a dropdown list. Here’s how to do it:

In the Survey Editor, hover over your multiple choice question and select Edit:

At the bottom of the question, click on the dropdown that says Choose one (radio). (That’s the default setting.) From the dropdown, select Choose one (list). Note that if you wish to allow participants to select multiple options from the list you can select Choose many (list). Participants can then hold down the CMD or CTRL key in Mac or Windows respectively to select multiple options.

You’ll notice that the question design will change from a radio selection to a dropdown list:

Here’s what the dropdown list looks like in a preview:

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One comment on “Using Dropdown Lists in Surveys

  1. Is there any way to import a list instead of having to manually enter it? For instance, to create a dropdown list with a complete list of countries.
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