New Devices Report Lists Devices/Versions Used to Complete your Survey

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Krista Stevens

We’re pleased to announce a new feature for Professional and Corporate account holders. Eagle-eyed customers may have noticed a new menu item appear on the Reports screen late last week. Check out the new Devices report to learn which devices, web browsers, operating systems, and web browser versions your survey participants are using when they complete your survey.

To access this new report, hover over a survey in your account and click on Reports:

On the Reports screen, click on the Devices menu item:

Here’s a full-length version of the report. (Click to open a larger version.)

Devices, browsers, and versions, oh my!

The report contains the following subsections.

The Response Source lets you know which percentage of visitors used a web browser and which percentage used a mobile device to complete your survey:

The Computing Platform tells you the operating system your participants were using when they completed your survey:

Note, that if you want to drill down to learn more about any Computing Platform or Browser, you can click on any item to learn more. Here, we want to see the breakdown of participants who said they were using Mac OS X:

Here, we can see the platform breakdown for those using Mac OS X:

Finally, you can also see the browsers participants used to complete your survey. Remember that you can click on any browser to drill down further:

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