Adding “Other” Options as Poll Answer Options

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Krista Stevens

Many Polldaddy polls take advantage of the “Other” option which allows voters to type in their own answer when they vote in the poll. Did you know that there is a way to add those “Other” options as answer options on the poll? In today’s post, we’ll learn how to do it.

Once you’ve created your poll and embedded it on your website, you’ll start to accumulate some votes.

To see the answers that participants entered under “Other,” hover over the title of your poll in your dashboard and click on Reports:

Scroll down below the pie chart to see the entries participants typed in under Other. Here’s someone typed in Snowmobiling as their favorite winter activity. To add it to the poll as an answer option, click on the Add as a poll answer button:

Be sure to accept the confirmation dialogue box:

You’ll see a confirmation message appear at the top of the screen:

Note that it may take up to 15 minutes for your poll to refresh the cache and appear with the new option added. Here’s our poll with the new answer option we’ve added:

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4 comments on “Adding “Other” Options as Poll Answer Options

  1. Hi Peter, Yes, you can add the "Other" option to multiple choice questions in surveys. Here's a bit more information on that for you:
  2. Hi Krista! Does this function work with surveys too? Peter
    Peter D
  3. Hi Diego: no unfortunately this isn't possible. When you add an Other option as an answer option, it starts out with zero votes.
  4. If I have 5 others answers that said the same, can I add an answer with 5 votes?
    Diego Cejas
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