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Krista Stevens

We’re very pleased to add a new question type to surveys: click and drag ranking! Now, your respondents will be able to click and drag survey answer options to order the answers as they see fit. Here’s how it works.

First, you’ll want to create a new survey.

On the survey editing screen, you’ll see an option for Rank. Click on the button, or click and drag the Rank button into the location you’d like to see the question appear in your survey:

Next type in the question and answer options:


The Rank question offers the following options:

Include a note – Checking this will allow you to enter a note that will appear under your question.

Question is mandatory – Checking this will make the question mandatory, meaning that it must be answered before the survey can be completed.

Order Choices – Click on the answer order dropdown to change the order in which the answers are shown. You can choose A-Z, Z-A, random, and as entered which is the order you’ve entered the answer options into the question.

Click and drag to reorder the options

Here’s how the ranking question appears in the survey. Note that participants simply click on each answer option and drag it into the order they prefer:

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2 comments on “New click and drag ranking question for surveys

  1. Hi Anthony, click and drag ranking hasn't been added to the iPad app as of yet.
  2. And when I view it online on an iPad, they're text boxes with numbers, I can't touch and drag them.
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